Teaming: working together, steering together, performing together

Collaboration in professional groups, teams or in the boardroom can always be improved.

With "Teaming" we put our natural ability to collaborate "on" again. So that collaboration leads to added value again. Because that's why we work together.

Teaming is not new, but it is innovative. For everyone who gets started with it.

Better collaboration, better performance.

Collaboration with added value!

People work together because we need each other to get things done.

Organizations that understand this support collaboration in teams, professional groups and networks.

Successful organizations ensure that the conditions and the collaboration process are in place to get the most out of it.


The foundation for any successful collaboration is trust. Together with an understanding of how the collaboration comes about, and the momentum to really get things done, these are the ingredients for collaboration with added value.

In our Teaming4U approach we work on strengthening these elements. We also ensure that the team knows how to manage the quality and output of the collaboration.

This strengthens the self-organizing capacity. Working together, steering together, performing together.

This capability consists of nine themes that together strengthen the development process of the collaboration.

These nine items are: the assignment. the effectiveness, the behaviour, the tasks, the ambitions, the talents, the competences, the roles and the cohesion.
Our approach has been developed in close collaboration with BC4U-Teaming. This gives us a particularly effective approach that can be used in any group, team or network, at any scale and at any level.

Together with the relevant organisation(s), we determine how we implement and support this development process. In many cases we develop "in house" capacity to guide and coach teams.

Do you experience any difficulty in your group, team or network? And do you want to investigate why that is? We have smart questionnaires that help you quickly gain insight into the strengths and limitations of the team in question.

Let's meet and talk further. Collaboration always starts with a good conversation.

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